EPC Engineering Africa


Since its foundation in 1972, EPC Brazil is acting in the Engineering market delivering high quality projects  for different industrial segments such as Mining, Steel Plants, Energy, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure and others, including Project Management;

In the year of 2018 EPC Engineering Africa was founded to attend the growing African market. Headquartered in Mozambique to support our client in management of engineering, construction and maintenance routine.


Currently we are working  on two different contracts; providing highly qualified professionals who technically support our client in managerial engineering and maintenance routines as described :


Contract N 01 Project Management including the activities mentioned below:

  • Management, supervision and integration of different engineering disciplines

  • Planning ,monitoring and supervision for civil constructions as well as mechanical and electrical assembling.

  • Providing technical support for economical & financial management

  • Providing safety inspection & supervision during execution phase of the projects

  • Providing qualified professionals to act throughout the whole project life cycle.


Areas of performance:



Planning Project

Planning engineers

Budget and Financial control

Budget and Financial Specialist


Civil, mechanical, electrical , piping and automation engineers monitoring and adjustment of technology and equipment supplier projects

Management of Health and Safety

Health and Safety engineers and technical supporting all project and management other  potencial supplier

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Quality Assurance & Quality Control Specialist

Expediting & Warehouse

Engineers and technical

Construction & Assembling


Tests and Commissioning

Ramp up

Civil, Mechanical & electrical  engineers and technical


List of project our team participate until 2018:

  • Tailings Disposal at Cava Souza Pinto;

  • Semi Mobile Crusher 3 (Includes Rom Pad 3, bridge and flyover);

  • Box Cut Section 6 (Includes Calambo Road);

  • Flotation and Filtration Optimization and Stabilization (Thickeners);

  • Box Cut Section 2B (Includes Kateme revitalization);

  • Section 6 and 5 Fencing;

  • Dust Suppression (ROM Pads 2 and 4, TLS, Dust cruster);

  • Firefighting (Belts, Fire Water, Service Water, Substations);

  • New CCO ( Operation Control Center);

  • Landfill;

  • Rovubue Water Systems;

  • Geotechnical Monitoring (Includes Mass Notification System);

  • Works at Malacha Condominium.



Contract N 02 Operational routine and  Maintenance:  

  • Technical support specialized in Engineering and Mine Planning as well as  the management, planning, control and execution of industrial maintenance of both Coal Handling and preparation Plants, CHPP#01 & CHPP#02, Fleet engineering including the activities below:

  • Monitor and support the process of contracting services and materials, as well as their custody and control.

  • Security inspection of the maintenance execution fronts.

  • Supervise the execution of maintenance contracts.

  • Implementation and commissioning of specific industrial maintenance activities, such as inspections, maintenance planning and engineering development;

  • Monitoring the activities of major maintenance of Plants and Shipping Yard, inspecting deviations in loco and developing actions for eventual corrections.

  • Develop maintenance indicators focusing on manpower and resources scheduling report;

  • Support in production planning and control, as well as support in the logistical management of the sub-processes of the Mine and Plant supply chain;

  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance on medium and large industrial equipment, perform fault diagnosis, exchange components and subassemblies, contribute to process improvements.

  • Other maintenance activities: apply technical knowledge to obtain differentiated results from the team; develop best practices, tools and/or technologies, using technical influence to promote an environment of sharing and support for people in the search for effective solutions; perform technical consulting, technical training and team development.

  • Manage the technical team in preventive and corrective maintenance activities for Vale's industrial equipment;

  • Carry out technical consulting, identify the causes of failures and develop solutions, technical training and team development;

  • Coordinate the field maintenance team;

  • Carry out the control and presentation of maintenance costs;

  • Plan and control maintenance activities, aiming at the adequate performance of the plant;

  • Develop preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance plans, control performance indicators and maintenance operation costs;

  • Prepare management reports;

  • Promote, manage and prepare preventive maintenance plans by verifying the activities involved;

  • Define and optimize means and methods of maintenance, improving performance.


Areas of performance:



Planning ( PCM & related activities)

Engineering and planning technicians

Budget and Financial control

Budget and Financial Specialist

Engineering Plant

Mechanical and electrical technicians, mechanical and electrical engineers

Mine Planning

Mine Engineers

Fleet engineering (off-road trucks, retro excavators) etc 

Technical Specialist in Electrician and Mechanic of mine equipment maintenance , Fleet and Failure Analysis in Caterpillar Equipment and Components (D10T, D11T, 16M, 24M, 854K, 793D and 797F and CAT6090)

Management Health and Safety

Health and Safety Techincal

Supervision of predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance including for example: instrumentation, materials and wear parts, vulcanization of conveyor belts, silos and their accessories, vibrating screens and chutes, crushers and other equipment, warehouse etc

Mechanical and electrical technicians, mechanical and electrical engineers following all procedure and acitivives



Please find below some important jobs development by our employees:


PCM & related activities mentioned below:

Planning Supervision as well as the creation and implementation of the PCM, implementation of the Systematic Maintenance Plans system, development of the 52-Week Map, supervision of other contractors, preparation of Annual and Monthly budgets and follow-ups so as not to exceed the budget, ensure compliance of the downtime schedule, implementation of Maintenance KPI's, request from the Engineering of projects for constant improvement, evaluation of professional profile for hiring and salary promotions within the team, implementation of 5s, issuance of management reports, monitoring of S-Curve and Schedules;



Mine Planning including the follow activities below:

  • Responsible for running the Haulage and Destination model within the quarterly and annual VALE plan (S&OE/GCV) Spry Software;

  • Evaluate the adherence of design projects compared to executed on the field;

  • Responsible for creating short/mid-term projects (Waste Dumps, Inpit Dumps and Mine design) Maptek Vulcan Software;

  • Responsible for creating alternatives for haulage distance reduction in the short-term (monthly plan) and mid-term (S&OE);

  • Follow up of performed Haulage vs planned Haulage in the S&OE/GCV.


Fleet engineering (off-road trucks, retro excavators) etc including:

  • FMEA Failure Modes and Effects Analysis;

  • Five Whys;

  • Ishikawa / Fishbone Diagram;

  • FTA - Fault Tree Analysis;

  • Pareto Diagram;

  • Change Management Process;

  • Weibull analysis;

  • Predictive Techniques;


Engineering Scope of Work including the follow activities below:

  • Structural Integrity Analysis;

  • Equipment Route Cause Analysis (RCA);

  • Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation Mentoring;

  • Operational Readiness and Commissioning;

  • Asset Master Data;

  • Processing Mentoring;

  • Standard Operations Procedure Creation and Training;

  • Engineering Change Management;

  • Design New Projects (Improvement & Modifications);

  • Technical and Administrative Diligence, Quality Inspection in Manufacturing Processes in several suppliers (GENERAL ELECTRIC, ABB, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC) Implementation, Commissioning, Start-up and maintenance developed in projects of Generation and Distribution of Hydroelectric;

  • Acting in Technical Support Specialized in the management of the supply of components, planning, consulting, inspection of suppliers, carrying out diagnostics and analysis of failures of mechanical and electrical equipment (motors, transformers, variable frequency drive) for the control and execution of maintenance, technical support specialized in detailing demands for components, materials and contracts.